Dungeons And Caves

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Warning: spoiler!!!
Do not read if you don't want to be spoiled!

So you really need some help, these are some of the questions frequently asked.

If you want a more complete walkthrough, we have started writing one here :



Level 2 :

How not to be killed by spiders?

Level 3 :

Where is the elf?

Level 4 :

How do I open the door after the "Security Controls"?
How do I solve the "Gems, war and beers" puzzle?
What to do in the "no return" path?
What the gears are for?

Level 5 :

How to open the library door after the trap throwing arrows?
How to pass the trapdoors?

Level 6 :

How to pass the silly path?

Level 7 :

How to avoid getting lost?
What to do at the place trapped with poison clouds?

Level 8 :

How to solve the riddle?

Level 9 :

How to pass the pressure plates puzzle?
How to open the door with a save altar behind?

Level 10 :

What to do in the room with a door in the middle and respawning fire monsters?
What to do in the room with pits and traps throwing poison?
What to do in the room with teleporters and a pit?

Level 11 :

How to win the battle?

Level 12 :

How to pass the Lost path?

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